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um… tony… a little help, please?

June 13, 2011

Today is the Feast of St. Anthony, wonder-worker and finder of lost things.  My cousin informed me yesterday that in some parts of the world, he is also known as the marriage saint or the matchmaker saint.

Because of St. Anthony’s history of being invoked by single women in search of a husband, today is a good day for single people who have a vocation to marriage to make a visit to a church or shrine dedicated to St. Anthony! (more on St. Anthony here)

This other website offered a few more interesting ideas for single women soliciting the aid of St. Anthony:

…on the Eve of his day, June 13th, girls try various methods of finding out whom they will wed. One favorite way is for a girl to fill her mouth with water and hold it until she hears a boy’s name mentioned. The name she hears is sure to be that of her future husband!

I don’t think I want to know the name of my future husband just yet.  It’s complicated enough trying to come to a mutual understanding with God as to what meeting ‘viable prospects’ means.  Perhaps St. Anthony can help find a common definition of ‘viable’ or maybe he could just help viable prospects find me.  

I think I’m going to have to stop at a church after work tonight and find a statue of St. Anthony.  Don’t worry, Tony!  I’m not going to turn the statue upside-down until you find me a husband (tempting though that may be).  Tonight, I’m just praying that you help me find the patience I’ve been lacking; help my heart find healing from past wounds that may be hindering me from recognizing what is truly viable; and help my future husband find the courage and the boldness to act upon the convictions of his heart when he does finally find me.

So… um… Tony… a little help, please?

UPDATE: I made it to a shrine of St. Ant’ny yesterday.  The statue was too big to turn upside-down, so I contented myself with lighting a few candles and praying for my fellow singles.


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