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they’re coming…

June 16, 2011

No!  Not the Russians*!  My sisters are coming!  I suppose the effects of a Three Musketeer Reunion could be just as significant and earth-shattering as natural or man-made catastrophes, but in the best possible sense of significant and earth-shattering.  Plus we would make it as pleasant and entertaining as possible. 

Rosario and Angelica are coming in one week and will be here for two whole weeks!  This will probably reduce the amusing ramifications since we won’t hit the city with an intense weekend wallop.  As sad as I am that D’Artangon, aka Rita, the fourth sister is not coming, it is probably a good thing, otherwise we could be facing repercussions along the entire eastern seaboard.  Yes, the Schwartz Sisters have that strong of an impact.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask one of them.  They’ll tell you.

It would be wise to prepare oneself for the arrival of the other Musketeers.  Schwartz Sister Adventures are quite unpredictable.  There’s not telling what kind of comical calamity we will leave in our wake…  But don’t blame me if you become a casualty; I warned you that they’re coming…


*Growing up in Michigan, one often heard Michigan Milita conspiracy theory rumors.  I never paid much attention, only enough to jest about a black helicopter invasion and cry out with my siblings in the spirit of Chicken Little, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”

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