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nominee for the worst daughter in the world

June 17, 2011

I know that I am terrible at sending birthday cards, but I never forget a family birthday.  I usually acknowledge the day with a phone call (much more personal than a card, don’t you think?).  But my streak is over.  I can no longer say that I never forget a family birthday because I did!  I forgot my dad’s birthday!  (insert dramatic pose – back of hand to the forehead – along with a wail of dismay here.)

I reminded myself earlier in the week that the old man’s birthday was coming up, but I was so busy day of that I forgot!  I wish I could say that I remembered and just didn’t get a chance to call.  No.  It completely slipped my mind until this morning when Facebook reminded me that it was my aunt’s birthday.  I giggled and thought to myself, Ha! I already knew that!  Wait – Dad’s birthday is BEFORE Aunt Ann’s… Dammit!  I missed it!!!!!  I could list several excuses (I did have a performance yesterday), but that doesn’t change the fact that I forgot and am therefore the worst daughter ever!!!!  Sigh… I hope my-daddy-who-loves-me doesn’t disown me!

Gotta love the flannel!

I know I’m not the only person in history to forget a birthday.  Some folks aren’t good with dates and find themselves especially grateful for things like Facebook that conveniently remind them when to send birthday greetings and to whom.  Me.  Well, I always relied on the ol’ noggin for birth dates.  I have no clue how my brian retains all those dates since I’m not very good with numbers, but it manages to keep months, days and years organized, easily recalled in the proper order, and associated with the correct name.  Immediate family members are easy-shmeasy.  I’ve even got a good handle on extended family members and a decent number of friends.  As my social circle has grown, thanks to marriages and births, some dates take an effort to recall, but I can do it.  (A BIG thank you to Cecilia2, who shares the same birthday with her husband.  One less date to remember – whew!)  And yet somehow… somehow… my fabulous brain failed me yesterday. 

I’m not so much upset with the fact that I forgot a birthday; it’s whose birthday I forgot that is really getting to me.  How could I have forgotten dear ol’ dad?!  I’m sorry, Dad.  I really didn’t forget you… just your birthday.  I love you and hope you had a good day.  Oh, and in case I forget on Sunday (which I might cause I have rehearsal in the morning and another dance class in the afternoon), Happy Fathers Day, too.  

Me in classic city girl black & Dad in fishing gear

A rose between two thorns (or in this case an ol' turkey & a really ol' turkey).

 By the way… Dad, would you mind contacting the Worst Daughter In The World Committee and see if this blog post makes up for my forgetfulness and if they could possibly remove my name from the list of nominees?  Thanks, Dad!  You’re the best! (And I’m not just saying that to butter you up so you will contact the WDITW Committee… If I was trying to wrap you around my little finger I would have started my request with “My-daddy-who-loves-me…” but I didn’t.  Because you really are the best!  I fully admit that the phrase was previously used to ensure that you wouldn’t disown me.)

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  1. June 18, 2011 8:34 pm

    Don’t worry, I win the nomination. I forgot my Mom’s birthday 2 years in a row!! The first time, I didn’t remember til the following week! oops. Granted I was out of the country, but come on. No good. The second time is just awful. I feel your pain!

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