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old cousin, new brother

June 21, 2011

Back in December, I shared the exciting news that my cousin, Ron was on his way to becoming a monk.  He began his postulancy the same time I headed east in January.  We were both excited to begin our new adventures together.  Although we were going in seemingly opposite directions, one to the abbey and the other to the big city, we were following the paths God had laid before us.  And so our journeys began side-by-side.

My cousin finished his postulancy in May and returned to the abbey on June 12.  On Friday, June 17, Ron was received into the community as a novice and was given his cassock and saint name during the investiture ceremony.  My ol’ cousin is the new Brother Paul!!! 

Brother Paul.  I like it.  It’s simple, not like the suggestions me and my sisters came up with.  We would find the most obscure saint names to inspire Br. Paul as he prayed about the three names he would submit to the community.  I was really pulling for St. Athanasius.  I thought it would be fun to have a Br. Ath in the family, although the nickname Ath is a little more fitting for my actual brothers. 

“In two years, I’ll be calling my brother Father and my cousin Brother!  Welcome to my crazy Catholic life!” Rosario remarked recently.  We are half way there now that Br. Paul is Br. Paul.

Please pray for my cousin on his new life in the abbey, and please continue to pray for my brother and his fellow seminarians.  While you’re at it, pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life! 

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