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cec* and the city – episodes 1 – 3

June 30, 2011

Episode 1:

I stumbled into the Diamond District on my way to rehearsal last night.  I was on a mission to get to the studio on time, but I still managed to glance in the windows along 47th Street.  My inner dialogue echoed that of Lauren Bacall in How To Marry A Millionaire: “I’ll take that and that.  And that and that.  And that.  And that-and-that-and-that.”

Episode 2:

Oh the things you will find on the Streets of New York!  Betcha didn’t know I have my own restaurant, did ya?  I didn’t either, until I walked by it the other day.  Too bad I can’t remember exactly where it was or I would go check it out!

Episode 3:

Morning traffic on 495 is pretty monotonous.  There are bouts of excitement now and again when random drivers interrupt the flow of things when they try to cut ahead of everyone else while merging, believing that the ‘every other car’ rule doesn’t apply to them, but one driver stands far above the rest in the “I am an ass” category. 

The big-rig driver had no problem letting commuters know that he owned the road.  He propped himself up and leaned out of the cab window shirtless.  I couldn’t tell what the heck he was doing until I noticed the large dumbbell in his left hand.  Bicep Curls.  I rolled my eyes and thought, Is this guy serious?  He was.  I know because as I inched closer to his truck I noticed that he was not only flexing his muscles for the commuters, he was hanging out of his cab to watch himself in the side mirror.  There’s nothing like the sight of a slimy middle-aged body builder wannabe pretending he’s all that to make one almost lose their breakfast.  He tried to inch his truck over into my lane about the time I was passing him (he was still pumping iron, of course), but I made for darn sure that chump wasn’t going push me around.

(Ok, so this last one didn’t exactly take place in New York City, but it was on my way into the city, so I think it counts.  Besides, this is my blog post and what I say goes!)

Stay tuned: all new episodes coming soon!

*Cec – it’s short for Ceci, which is short for Cecilia – pronounced [ses]


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