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musketeers take manhattan – episode 2

July 11, 2011

Staten Island Ferry & The Statue of Liberty

On Independence Day, the Musketeers jumped on the 1 train and headed to the southern tip of Manhattan.  Our adventure to the Empire State Building was a first for Angelica; this adventure was a first for both Angelica and Rosario.  We were off to Staten Island via the Staten Island Ferry!  In actuality, our goal was not Staten Island but the ferry ride itself, which takes you by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

We all enjoyed seeing the iconic symbol of freedom on Independence Day, but as we were not the only ones with the bright idea to take advantage of a free ferry ride, it was a bit too crowded and chaotic for Angelica’s taste.  She much more preferred the corrals of the Empire State Building.  Still, it was a beautiful day for floating on the water and waving at Statue of Liberty as we drifted by (twice – once there and once on the way back).

NYC Must Do List: Statue of Liberty – CHECK!

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