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the difficulty of being fabulous

August 12, 2011

“Why so serious?” a co-worker asked as he passed my desk.  “What happened?”

I looked up from my concentrated stare. “Oh!  Nothing.  I’m just thinking and it’s taking a lot of effort today.”

“It must be!  You looked like you were in pain.”

After quick reflection, I replied, “Yea.  It is kinda painful.  I’ve got about six ideas that I’m trying to write about and nothing is coming together.  It’s making my head hurt.”

My co-worker looked at my sympathetically.  “It’s not easy being you, is it?”

“It’s not!”  I sighed, grateful that someone finally recognized the difficulties I endure being my fabulous self. 

 Some days being this amazing is easy-breezy, but other days can be intense and exhausting.  It can even be a bit painful when, like today, my brain gets a stubborn and uncooperative, resulting in hours of furrowed brows (HOURS, I tell you!), which is the painful expression my co-worker stumbled upon.  Well, that and after he walked away I realized the past two hours of pounding water had taken effect.   I guess it was a combination of the difficulty of being fabulous and a serious need for the bathroom.

photo by Sean Scanlin

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