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for the greater good

August 17, 2011

Sacrificing one’s self for the greater good is something I’ve been taught since I was a young girl.  Thankfully, there are many people in my life who practice this self-sacrifice every day, setting a wonderful example for everyone around them.  Take for instance my grandfather.  My amazing and noble martyr of a grandfather. 

Rosario and Angelica spent few days with Grandpa several weeks after he had open heart surgery.  Grandpa’s full appetite had not yet returned.  So after lunch, Rosario served up three small slivers of homemade blueberry pie courtesy of our talented Aunt Mary.  The three of them sat at the table savoring their piece of pie.  That didn’t take long; they were after all tiny, tiny slices of blueberry goodness.  Even large pieces of Aunt Mary’s pies don’t last long. 

“You know,” Grandpa said after a bit, “I’m really worried about that pie.  I’m worried it might spoil…”  There was a slight pause.  “I don’t want that to happen, so I think I’ll just have another piece.”

Wow!  I mean, WOW!  Talk about martyrdom!  But that’s my grandpa, for ya!  Always thinking about the greater good, that man!  He ate another piece of pie just to save the dessert from spoiling!  Talk about sacrifice!  Rosario was even going to offer putting that which remained in the fridge, which she still did, but the pan was a lot lighter after she gave Gramps a second sliver.  His sacrifice even benefited Rosario!  Two for one!  Isn’t he the best?!

This morning, I thought of my grandfather as I looked at the white box in my refrigerator.  I sighed and thought, Well, I don’t want MY blueberry pie to spoil, and I am the only one home this week to eat it…  I guess I’d better have some for breakfast!  This one’s for you, Grandpa!  You taught me well, old man.  Deliciousness exploded in my mouth as I took the first bite.  This sure is a sacrifice, but hey… it’s for the greater good!

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