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adventures of c & k: survive and rescue

September 1, 2011

With no vehicle access to the outside world and with New York and New Jersey transit systems shut down on Sunday and most of Monday, there was no way for me to get home.  The only way to survive the flood was to enjoy some unexpected quality time with Karl and his family.

August was a busy month for me and Karl, so it was nice to relax for a change.  The two days immediately following Irene were spent playing games, watching movies and just being.  I’m sure we would have been just fine if we had lost power, but I’m glad we didn’t (After all this girl’s gotta blow dry her hair!).

The trains started running Monday evening and we knew our isolation had ended.  It was time to figure out how the blazes to get me through the still flooded street to the train station.  We came up with a plan which was implemented early Tuesday morning.

The air was crisp as I stepped outside behind Karl, who was carrying my incredibly heavy weekend bag.  We plodded across the neighbor’s lawn and came to our first obstacle of water.  The previous night’s plan had anticipated this obstacle, so I had borrowed a pair of boots from Karl’s mom.  But it was clear that the water was much higher than the boots.

“Looks like I’ll have to carry you across,” Karl said as he took his first steps into the water.  “I’ll take your bag over first and then come back for you.”

I waited patiently as Karl carefully made his way through the flood and disappeared behind a fence.  A light fog hung over the water-covered street.  It was a beautiful morning, but being carried across a saturated lawn was not as romantic as it sounds even if you are enamored with the one doing the carrying.  Karl had to be able to see where he was going, so I had to jump on his back.  I guess I should be grateful he didn’t throw me over his shoulder like Clark Gable did to Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night.  The execution may not have been all that glamorous and romantic, but the gesture itself was.  And I really was grateful that Karl spared me from the treacherous unknown of his neighbor’s lawn.

There was one more water hazard to cross, but it wasn’t as bad as the first.  We were able to walk in the middle of the road, where the water was the most shallow.  By that time, I had decided to forego the boots.  I put on my light walking shoes and carried the boots.  The water reached a few inches below my knees.  It’s a good thing I wore a dress!  I didn’t even have to worry about hiking anything up!

Karl made it through without the water reaching the top of his boot, but he hadn’t realized that his boots weren’t all that waterproof.  They were great for getting through the sludgy lawns.  Pools of water?  Not so much.

We arrived at the train station moments before the train pulled in.  After a quick good-bye and transferring my luggage to my shoulder, I boarded the train and was headed home.  Well, I thought as I dropped my bag on the seat and slumped down next to it, we survived a hurricane and Karl rescued me from a flood.  Not too bad…

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  1. September 1, 2011 10:19 am

    How chivalrous! Although, I’m not surprised. :)

  2. Cristin Luea permalink
    September 3, 2011 2:21 pm

    Not too bad at ALL! I remember Jon getting stranded at my parents’ house during a blizzard when we were dating. Good memories!!

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