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cecilia bedelia and the daily hero

September 2, 2011

Like most little girls, I used to dream of a hero – a knight in shining armor – who would save me from whatever distress I may find myself in, just like the fairy tales retold by Disney.  I realized as I grew older that my distressing situations differ greatly from the stories of old.  There are no evil stepmothers trying to poison me with apples or wicked witches trying to kill me with a spinning wheel, but I still find myself in need of a hero almost daily.

Surprisingly, Reader, there have only been a few rare occasions when a hero did not present himself when I found myself a damsel in distress.  (Like the time I was waiting in line for a bus when a storm blew in and I stood in torrential rains without an umbrella for a good twenty minutes.  It reminded me of the scene from Sense and Sensibility when Marianne walks to Willoughby’s property in a terrible storm and is rescued by Col. Brandon.  In my case, there was no Col. Brandon to carry me to a warm house.  There wasn’t even anyone who offered me protection under a corner of their umbrella!)  There have been so many heroes who have helped me that I’ve had to declare a Hero-Of-The-Day to give each of them credit for their deeds.

I recently declared one of my co-workers the Hero-Of-The-Day.  “Just for the day?!” he exclaimed, sounding ever-so-slightly offended.

“Yes.  Just for the day.” I told him.  “You could be my Hero-Of-The-Day tomorrow, too.  But it might be someone else.  I like to give everyone an equal opportunity to be my hero.”

By having a Hero-Of-The-Day, I can acknowledge even the smallest of gestures, whether it’s helping me with something that is not a part of their job description or helping me with car issues (when I had a car) or making me smile when I’d otherwise cry.  Of course, Karl has been my overall hero for the past couple of  months (example: read the flood rescue), but it would be unrealistic to expect his constant presence by my side to rescue me from daily woes.

My distressing moments may not be as dramatic as the ones in fairy tales, but I love that I am surrounded by an abundance of daily heroes whenever the need for one arises.  Tonight, I drink to the health of my Overall Hero and Hero-Of-The-Day!  (Hmmm…. I think I should make that a daily practice, especially since I have a different hero every day.)  Salud!


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