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melting stubborn resolutions

September 20, 2011

This morning attempted to get the best of me.  It didn’t hit me over the head with a major catastrophe.  No, the day was much too sly for that.  Instead, five hundred sixty-two annoyances, inconveniences and minor obstacles took their turns trying to break me.  Between the slow-moving train that made me late for work, the light rain that greeted me when I exited the subway sans umbrella*, numerous technical difficulties once I got to work, an abundance of incompetent callers, my co-workers’ impatience due to the aforementioned technical difficulties, etc., is it any wonder that my patience was wearing thin?  But I refused to be broken.  I wasn’t going to lose my temper, and more importantly – blast it – I wasn’t going to cry.

I was in the middle of my pity-party when I decided I needed a mental break and visited some familiar corners of the blogosphere.  One of the first ones was The Deacon’s Bench, and what I saw there made me cry.  My stubborn, prideful resolution melted into oblivion upon watching the following video:



Just thought I’d share the smile.

 *You would think checking the forecast, which called for 50% chance of rain, along with the fact that my hair had a decent wave to it this morning despite being blown dry, would have clued me in that I just might need an umbrella.  Gotta love that I totally missed those obvious warning signs.  Sigh…

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