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and that’s a threat!

September 21, 2011

When I lived in Michigan, I would frequently call my grandpa to invite myself over for a visit.  I’d ask about his availability (At the time, he had more of a social life than I did!), and when I got an all clear I say, “Good!  I was thinking about coming for a visit!”

“Is that a threat?!”  he’d respond.  “I guess I’ll warn the neighbors.”

Grandpa is such a troublemaker sometimes!  Who am I kidding?  He’s a troublemaker all the time!  One of his favorite things in the world is being teased by his granddaughters, and since he’s a troublemaker we are always on his case to behave himself.  Once in a while when I encouraged him to behave, he’d ask if that was a threat (Is telling my grandpa that he’d better behave or else considered a threat?).  Or he would lament that behaving was too much work.  Usually he would assure me that he would try, but not too hard cause he didn’t want to overdo it.  Ooooo… that man!

Grandpa had surgery yesterday – his second of the summer.  My aunts kept everyone up-to-date via text.  I received another update this morning: Grandpa doing well.  He’s being a bit of a troublemaker by having low blood pressure.  It’s being addressed and watched closely… His appetite is good as he complained breakfast came late. 

I responded: Maybe I should call.  That’ll get him all riled up and should raise his BP.  You could even try threatening him with a call from me and seeing if that helps!

Aunt Di promised they’d try it when he wakes up.  She said it was the best idea yet on bringing up his BP.  What can I say?  I know my grandpa – the ornery ol’ man!  I hope it works.  I’m expecting a full recovery from Grandpa… otherwise he’s gonna get it!  (And yes, Grandpa.  That’s a threat!  Don’t make me go over there!)

UPDATE: The threat worked!  Aunt Di said Grandpa’s blood pressure is up!  Hurray!  Wait… now I’m not so sure if having that kind of effect on the old man is such a good thing…

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  1. September 22, 2011 9:47 pm

    He and your family will be in our prayers. We’ll hope for a quick and easy recovery, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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