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to my morning cup of coffee:

October 4, 2011

This was NOT the issue...

You know how much I appreciate you.  Why else would I make the extra effort to prepare you every morning?  But see here’s the thing, Coffee… As much as I love you, I prefer drinking you – not wearing you.  I realize that I suffer from acute klutziness, but you are supposed to help with that.  Your caffeinated goodness is supposed to sharpen my senses, thus lessening the effects of my klutzy tendencies. 
So what the blazes happened this morning?  How on earth did you end up lightly splattered on my being not once, not twice but three times?  That is seriously unacceptable, Coffee.  Unacceptable, I say!  I’ll give you dispensation for sloshing all over my hand when I was running for the train – that was a joint effort, but leaping out of a half-full cup when I was going through the revolving door and then waiting for the elevator – that was all you, my friend, and so not necessary!  Were you trying to make a statement?  Were you getting back at me because you wanted a little extra swagger this morning and you didn’t think I made you strong enough?  Was that the problem?  Well… that’s not gonna happen.  I like you as you are (or as I intend you to be when I measure each scoop).  So get over it.  Besides, I thought we had a deal that the only jumping allowed is when the klutziness tries to take over and you are about to miss my mouth, at which point you are free to either dive in or land gracefully back in the cup, avoiding my clothes and/or chin. 
Sigh…  Oh, Coffee.  I don’t enjoy these little spats (neither does my sweater).  I’d much rather we get along.  What do you say we start fresh tomorrow?  I’ll try to be on time for the train if you refrain from launching yourself from a (somewhat) perfectly still cup.  Is that acceptable?  Shall we attempt to work together for a slosh-free morning with reduced symptoms of acute klutziness tomorrow? 

Your faithful drinker,

Cecilia Maria

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