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simply bearable

November 8, 2011

“Wow, look at you!” my co-worker laughed.  “You’re really excited about this!”  He had just inquired after my afternoon snack.  I told him that I was enjoying my usual celery and peanut butter.  As we were talking, I realized that I had a bag of my dad’s homemade granola that had arrived in the mail a day earlier. 

“Oooo!!!  I can dip my celery in the peanut butter and then dip that in the granola!  Ohmigosh!  That sounds amazing!”  I was really excited, and my co-worker couldn’t help but laugh.  I was bouncing in my seat, barely able to contain my enthusiasm for my ingenius idea.

“It doesn’t take much to make you happy, does it?” he said.  “It’s good that you enjoy the simple things in life.”

“Well,” I replied wistfully, “some days the simple things are the only things we have to enjoy.”

Today was one of those days, Reader.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad day, but the simple pleasures sure as heck made it bearable: text messages from Karl, a free drink voucher for Starbucks which resulted in a venti soy Cinnamon Dolce latte with an extra shot that I nursed all. day. long., and on top of all that, my afternoon snack with a taste of home was to die for!  Simple and oh so enjoyable!

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