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adventures of c & k: our saintly advocate

November 12, 2011

With the beautiful feasts of All Saints and All Souls kicking off the month of November, there have been many opportunities to reflect on the Communion of Saints.  One saint in particular has stood out among the others, which is probably because Karl and I have spent the last nine days asking for his special intercession.

Karl and I have a growing devotion to St. Anthony.  This isn’t surprising considering the conversation that sparked our interest in each other happened less than a week after I asked St. Anthony to help this single woman out.  (Thing 2, you only have yourself to blame since it was your idea for me to reach out to your favorite saint!)  Anyway, Tony has been in our corner interceding for us ever since, which is why after Karl suggested we pray a novena together we chose one in honor of St. Anthony.

Our novena ended yesterday.  Today, we will light a candle at church to thank St. Anthony for his prayers on our behalf, as we thank him publicly via this humble blog post.

St. Anthony, pray for us!

To learn more about St. Anthony, check out the links at the Franciscan Archive.

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