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adventures of c & k: labor of leaves

November 16, 2011

 Last year I was reminded how much I love anything related to outdoor fall fun, even when said fun slightly resembles work.  So when Karl mentioned that he had to rake leaves on Saturday, I jumped at the opportunity to offer my expert services. 

“Are you sure you want to help?” Karl asked tentatively. 

“Please, please, please, please, please let me help?!” I begged.  “I love raking leaves!!! 

“Seriously?” Raking leaves does not make Karl’s list of Top Five Favorite Things To Do On A Saturday Afternoon During Fall.  My enthusiasm for a chore he does not enjoy left him slightly bewildered, but he agreed to let me help. 

The weather was not ideal raking weather on Saturday.  It may have been sunny and beautiful, but it was also windy.  I worked with Karl’s sister, Kathleen, to rake the leaves into little piles.  And then the wind would scatter our hard work across the yard.  Kathleen and I were so efficient, despite the blasted wind, that Karl had a hard time keeping up with the bagging.  We took a break from wielding the rakes to lend a hand, and Karl became the official stick-breaker and space-maker.  We’d fill the barrel with leaves and the space-maker would come and smash them down.  Or Karl would swoop in as the stick-breaker and save us from ripping the bag open or injuring ourselves.  (Quite the hero, wouldn’t you say?)

Between the four of us (Karl’s mom was part of our labor force, too), the front yard was for-the-most-part leaf-free within a couple of hours.  I loved every minute of it: the warm sun, the crisp air, the crunching leaves, the company… Even Karl admitted that raking leaves could be fun, and here’s proof:

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  1. November 18, 2011 8:00 pm

    Oh, it’s so good to see Karl’s mama. :) And the picture of you and Karl in the tree is perfect! See you soon!

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