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the hilarious reality of reality

December 5, 2011

Rosario and I have often admitted to ourselves and to others that our sisterly escapades would make for great entertainment either as a sitcom or reality show.  Add the ever-witty Angelica into the mix and you’ve got yourself a sure thing!  Or do you?  Would viewers believe that the various scrapes, crazy adventures and random conversations portrayed in the show are honest to goodness representations of the reality that is our life?

What if there was an episode about the time Rosario saved my life in church?  It seems too sensational to be true, but it is!  And then there was the time we drove two hours to the cabin with our cousins and were ten minutes from our destination before I realized that I had forgotten the blasted key?!  Again, another true story, but it is believable?  What about our annual Great Christmas Tree adventures (see here or here) and our classic football conversations (see here, here or here)?  Or our witty exchanges with family members (see here or here)?  See what I mean?  We have plenty of material, but would it work as a sitcom?

We thought it might be easier if cameras followed us around and captured the hilariousness as it happens, rather than attempting to recreate it.  But the reality show idea isn’t a perfect solution either.  We are just too funny.  All we ever do is laugh at ourselves.  There wouldn’t be much footage left after all the laughing is edited out.  Seriously.  We are that funny.

Another small concern with the whole idea is whether or not others would find us funny.  Just the other day, Rosario and I were recovering from a bout of laughter that made sit-ups unnecessary for the next week, when she questioned why we found whatever it was we were laughing at so damn funny.  “It’s because we’re freaking hilarious!!” I reminded her as if the tears weren’t proof enough.  “But no one appreciates us (and our humor) as much as we appreciate us!”  And that, Reader, is the hilarious reality of… well… our reality.  We are too funny for the masses.  A TV show could never capture the essence that is us.

But Reader, you have nothing to fear.  You will not miss out on a single episode of amusement (unless of course you unsubscribe to this blog).  Stay tuned for highlights of Rosario’s recent visit to Manhattan and the hilarity that ensued.

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