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scared and infused by jack-o-lanterns in december

December 8, 2011

there were never such devoted sisters...

“I need to take out my contacts and wear my glasses; my eyes are tired,” I said absently.

“What did you say?” Rosario asked. 

“I-NEED-TO-TAKE-MY-CONTACTS-OUT-AND-WEAR-MY-GLASSES-MY-EYES-ARE-TIRED!” I repeated loud enough for my sister to hear.

“Whoa there!” Rosario exclaimed.  “I would’ve heard you the first time if you didn’t mumble!  There’s no need to scare me like that!”

“Oh please!  You wanna see something scary?!”  I was walking back from the bathroom where I had left my glasses and paused just before I got to the bedroom door.  I took a deep breath and crept around the corner singing “I’m a little jack-o-lantern. I’ll scare you!  I’ll scare you!  I’m a little jack-o-lantern.  I’ll scare you!  Boo!  Boo!  Boo! …Boo!”  That didn’t seem to scare her.  Instead, we both doubled over laughing hysterically. 

Somewhere at our parents’ house is an old audio tape of me singing the Jack-O-Lantern song, just as cute as can be.  Rosario also makes some noise on that recording, chatting up a storm to no one in particular.  Actually, Charles is the one who made the most random noises (weirdo).  We used to listen to that tape a lot when we were growing up and tend to quote our adorable younger selves. 

At one point, Rosario was talking so fast that she got a little mixed up.  “Oh, I’m so infused!” she exclaimed and then stopped to take a breath and compose herself.  At which time I was able to pip up with a few words (my usual), “Me too!”  In our close family circle, we still replace ‘confused’ with ‘infused’.

Later in the tape, after Charles made whatever random noises only he could conjure at three years old, he wanted to hear himself (naturally).  So he asked Mom, “Can we un-wind it now?”  As you can guess, we never rewind anything in our home.  It is always ‘un-wind’.

Me?  Well I was the cutest ‘Me too-er’ you ever met!  And I could sing that Jack-O-Lantern song like nobody’s business!  But sometimes I forgot how many times I was supposed to scare people when singing the song so there was an extra “Boo! Boo! Boo! … Boo!” or two at the end.

The remake of my greatest hit was just as scary as the original version – which was not at all – but for very different reasons.  There was no way a chubby-cheeked, bright-eyed, pig-tailed little me could ever scare anyone; I was too damn cute for my own good.  And I’m sure my current self creeping around singing like her five-year-old self sounds frightening, but it too ridiculous to be anything other than hilarious. 

It was too much for us.  Rosario and I couldn’t even speak to each other for several hours without laughing!  And for the days that followed a mere mention of that moment would set us off for another round.  Needless to say, ab exercises won’t be necessary for a good week or so!     

Me too*, Infused and Un-wind

*See what I mean?  Not very scary at all!!!  And we were all too damn cute for our own good! 

NOTE: This is also the audio tape where Charles aka Galos (which was Rosario’s and my best attempt at Carlos) admitted that he loved the other Cecilia: I love you, baby Cecilia!

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  1. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    December 8, 2011 5:15 pm

    You guys were sooooo, cute!!!!! And I remember un-winding that tape for you three soooo many times. “Un-wind it again, mommy” :-)

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