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adventures in sisterland

December 9, 2011

Rosario was here for a visit last week, and we had ourselves all sorts of adventures.  On Wednesday we decided to go to the Christmas Tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza.  It was a last minute decision that had been encouraged by several of my co-workers.  “You’re here; you might as well go,” they said.  “You should experience it at least once,” they said.  And since Rosario had a meeting at St. Pat’s, we didn’t really have an excuse not to go.

She left first and I was to join her after work.  I had made my way through thick pedestrian traffic before, but this was worst I had ever encountered.  I squeezed and squirmed my way through the bottleneck of people, only to arrive at a closed cathedral.  I eventually found my sister and her friends on the steps where they had gathered after their meeting ended prematurely.  Good-byes came quickly in the quickly dropping temperatures, and Rosario’s friends disappered into the abyss.   

“Do you still want to stay?” Rosario asked.

I was tired.  “Not really.  I saw the tree un-lite on my way here.  I’m fine if I don’t see the moment the lights come on.”

“I saw it too.  I don’t really feel like staying any more either.”

“We can always come back,” I said brightly.  “Oooo… You could close your eyes and imagine what the tree looked like un-lit and then…. OPEN!  I’m sure it will have the same effect.”

Rosario laughed.  “That’s a great idea!  Let’s go home.”  We went the long way ’round to avoid the crowds and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and doing laundry.  But not before running into an old friend on the streets of NYC.  Hello, Alexander Calder.

We braved the crowded streets again on Friday night to see the twinkling lights.  We giggled as Rosario carried out her scheme.

Part I: Eyes closed, imagining the dark tree:

Part II: All lit up!

That night we also celebrated Rosario’s birthday with some friends.  I didn’t get a photo of everyone, but here’s the birthday girl with a few celebrants:

Here are a few more photos from our Adventures in Sisterland:

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