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adventures of c & k: the phone wars

December 19, 2011

Karl desperately needed a new phone.  His ancient Blackberry had been on the fritz for a while, causing all kinds of inconveniences and headaches.  Karl researched various smartphones.  He read reviews, looked up specs, and even dragged me along allowed me to accompany him to test the phones at the store. 

Karl liked the androids more than the iPhone (Yes, reader.  I forgave him… After all, the man is human: some flaws are inevitable and I suppose they could be worse).  One of the phones he looked at refused to recognize my name when he tested the text messaging feature.  That didn’t sit well with me so I told him highly encouraged him not to get that phone.  From then on, the first thing I made Karl test was whether or not the phone 1) recognized my name and 2) spelled it correctly. 

Karl decided that he liked Android Phone 1, but there was a new one, Android Phone 2, coming out a week or so later.  He debated for a while.  Buying the right phone is very important for Karl because he uses it constantly for work.  I suggested he wait on his purchase so he could compare the two, and he of course agreed with me.  When Karl finally got to see Android Phone 2, he thought 2 might be a better fit.  But he decided to wait again.  It didn’t matter to me because both phones matched my criteria, but Karl still had a few reservations about Android Phone 2 and wanted to do a little more research.  Besides, another Android Phone was due out in a few weeks.

Well after weeks of research, testing and patient waiting, Karl finally got a new phone last night.  And he was ever so glad he waited because Android Phone 3 was the best fit for him.  I was mildly impressed by the phone as I listened to the sales woman answer Karl’s questions and elaborate on the special features.  Karl tested the navigation system while we were in the store, using my address as the destination. 

“Look, babe!” he said excitedly.  “We can use this when I drive you home!”

“Why?  Did you forget how to get there?” I teased.

“Well, we can use it when we go to Michigan next week.”

I rolled my eyes.  “Karl.  This is me!  I don’t need no stinkin’ GPS.  I’ve got CMS*.  I know that route like the back of my hand.”

“Fine, fine.”  Karl’s excitement for his new phone was  not dampened by my practicality. 

Karl didn’t have an opportunity to play with his new toy phone right away because he drove me home (sans phone navigation) immediately after leaving the phone store.  Even with those inevitable flaws, Karl didn’t allow himself to be consumed with the gadget.  He waited until he greeted my roommate before settling himself on the couch to explore his newly acquired hand-held realm.  Even then, he was able to take part in our conversation.  And Karl included us in his exploration as well, amusing us with demonstrations of the photo and video features. 

He eventually had to put the phone down to use my laptop.  (The battery wasn’t fully charged and I didn’t want it to die before Karl reached home… just in case…)  Karl was focused on whatever it was he was going to show me, but he noticed when I picked up the phone, reached across him and placed it on the other side.  He looked at me confused.

“I don’t want the phone to come between us.” I explained with all the seriousness I could muster.

Karl, who saw right through my ‘seriousness’, laughed and rolled his eyes.  “Funny, Cecilia.” he said smiling as he put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me a little closer.  “Really funny.”

Karl isn’t one of those geeks who can think of nothing but their latest gadget.  So I wasn’t really worried about a piece of plastic, but if Karl was going to have fun with his new toy then – blast it – I was going to have fun too!

*indicating myself and my incredible sense of direction

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  1. Cristin permalink
    December 21, 2011 12:04 am

    Oh boy. Jon’s overdue for a new smartphone any day now. Thanks for the tips :)

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