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recoginzing the darkness

December 22, 2011

I continually strive to be a woman who reflects the title of this blog, a woman who ‘laughs at the days to come’.  But that doesn’t mean that I distance myself from the harsh realities of life in favor of carefree frivolities.  To do that would be to live a lie.  Laughing at the days to come gives me hope during the most challenging trials.  As light-hearted as this blog can be, it is grounded in a reality that is sometimes callous and confusing, other times temperate and sensible, and always full of hope.  Yesterday, a dear friend wrote a beautifully honest post about her journey through a difficult reality.   

Three months ago today I was visited by darkness.  I don’t want this to sound depressing or remorseful, or pitiful. But it happened.  Darkness attacked me and begged to be recognized. I recognize it and its depravity, loneliness and despair.  Sometimes, many times, it has consumed me, and I wallow in it.  Sometimes it is simply a passing breeze.

We want to connect and be connected to.  Sometimes our desire so consumes us that we attempt to consume another, and that is what happened to me.  A man, perhaps one who has never truly loved, attempted to rape me.  He held a blade to my neck and robbed me.  He cut me, and wanted to take me.  I felt my life at its end and was ready to relinquish it.  But life decided otherwise.  That I should live to tell this story and try to make sense of it all.  (Continue reading…)

Please read the entire post and please remember my friend, Michelle, in your prayers.

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