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cecilia bedelia vs. the luggage

January 5, 2012

On the eve of Christmas Eve, clothes were strewn across my bed as I desperately tried to stuff my entire winter wardrobe into the open suitcase on my bedroom floor.  I was going to be away from my apartment for ten days altogether.  Ten days, reader!  I couldn’t remember the last time I left my home for that length of time.  I’m accustomed to going away for mini vacations in the form of long weekends and such, but not ten whole days!  In preparation for those mini-vacas, I usually map out exactly what I am going to wear each day that I will be separated from my wardrobe, but that didn’t seem realistic for the holiday trip to Michigan that would begin in New Jersey.  A lot can happen in the span of ten days, and I wanted to be prepared for any and every possibility.  Of course, neither was it realistic to pack my entire wardrobe, considering I had to haul my luggage up and down subway stairs, as well as on and off a couple of trains. 

Christmas Eve morning I looked at my handiwork from the previous evening and sighed.  What the blazes had I been thinking?!  Somehow I had packed as many favorite go-to pieces as I could into a suitcase and a garment bag.  I resisted the last minute urge to include several just-in-case items that were lovely but not at all practical.  On one hand I was worried that I wasn’t going to survive on such a limited wardrobe and I considered bringing my giant suitcase.  On the other hand I was ever-so-slightly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to carry the current suitcase down to the train and thought about weeding out its contents and trying to fit everything in my smaller suitcase. 

And then I looked at the clock.  There was no time to rearrange, blast it!  I resolved to conquer the luggage battle or die trying.  If you haven’t figured it out already, reader… I survived.  But barely, I might add.  I still don’t know how I managed to haul a suitcase (the height of which reaches my hips)*, a garment bag, a large purse and a tote bag down the stairs to the train.  Once I arrived at Penn Station, I had to drag my stuff down another flight of stairs to the New Jersey transit tracks, manuever through hordes of people trying to get to the Giants-Jets game, and then descend yet another staircase to board my final train.  All went well until I tried to get off the train in New Jersey where the first leg of the Christmas Holiday Tour commenced.  Those last three steps nearly did me in and I practically fell out of the train!  But I made it, reader!  I survived the luggage battle and I have a few bruises to prove it! 

*The suitcase was also loaded with Christmas gifts, which weighed a lot more than the clothes!

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