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adventures of c & k: the christmas holiday tour

January 6, 2012

Last week’s “Karl & Cecilia’s Christmas Holiday Tour” spanned several states.  We had adventures galore as we made our way from New Jersey to Michigan and back again, with multiple stops along the way to celebrate with family and friends.

The tour kicked off in New Jersey on Christmas Eve with a few last-minute errands before heading to St. Paul Inside the Walls where Karl helps lead the choir.  We were there for all four Christmas Masses (two on Christmas eve and two Christmas morning).  Each liturgy was beautiful and unique, though there were common themes that provided a sense of unity for those of us who attended more than one.  Listening to Fr. Geno’s Christmas homily three times really drove his point deep into my heart and Fr. Derek’s Christmas morning homily offered another profound perspective on the Nativity.  It wasn’t easy being apart from my family on one of my favorite nights of the year, but the familiarity of the liturgy, enhanced by the wonderful choir, made it bearable.  And Karl and I still participated in Schwartz and Oleck Families’ Christmas Eve traditions of praying the rosary and kissing baby Jesus.

I really didn’t mind spending that much time in church, but all that pew-sitting can have an adverse affect on me: it lowers my defenses and I become susceptible to church giggles.  And you know how infectious that malady can be!  Karl and I only experienced one bout of church giggles at the very end of the last mass.  Karl had asked me a question and for some reason my whispered answer set us off laughing.  We tried so hard to stop – we didn’t want to be disrespectful or distracting – but it seemed impossible.  We did everything we could to laugh silently but I seriously thought I was going to explode… or pull a muscle… or even worse – snort!  Thank goodness Fr. Geno is always talking about the importance of joy and laughter!  Still, I didn’t think hysterics would be appreciated during his announcements.  It was only by the grace of God that we regained control of ourselves when we stood for the final blessing.  A Christmas Crisis was averted!

The rest of Christmas Day was spent celebrating, relaxing, eating, talking, laughing, etc. with Karl’s family.  Karl and I had to take care of final preparations for the extended part of our tour but nothing that took us away from the celebrations for too long (which is surprising considering Karl had to start -er, finish packing).  We had a great time with the Schlegels as we always do, and it was especially great with the extended family around.  Karl & Cecilia’s Christmas Holiday Tour was off to a great start!

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Andrea permalink
    January 6, 2012 8:55 pm

    oh, I know all about church giggles. you’re right, nothing can be done to stop them. it’s so much better to get them out. I’m really glad I got to see you for a brief moment and got to meet Karl!!!

    • January 7, 2012 10:56 pm

      It was good seeing you too, Andrea! I’m looking forward to hearing how things turn out for you. :)

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