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adventures of c & k: the cabin

January 8, 2012

There were moments as I tried to work out our tour schedule that I seriously considered canceling the northernmost stop of the trip.  Going to the cabin took a good day and a half out of commission, which left us with an extremely tight schedule for visits with friends.  But, I rationalized, going to the cabin also meant family time with no interruptions.

So off to the cabin we went!

We all rejoiced that the last half mile through the woods was drivable.  There wasn’t enough snow cover to make hiking to the cabin a necessity.  Karl was especially grateful because we were going to have him haul the sled which would have on it whatever items we couldn’t carry in our packs (apparently Karl thought we were kidding about the sled thing until we packed it into the car).  It didn’t bother me either way: my plan was to hitchhike on the sled for as long as possible while Karl mushed.

It was drivable, but the two-track is not the easiest of roads to navigate, yet I maneuvered Mom’s car around each obstacle and potential hazard with expert ease.  One of my sisters rolled her eyes from the back seat and mentioned that the only reason I wanted to drive in was to show off for Karl.  “Of course I want to show off my mad skills!”  I exclaimed.  And yes, Karl was very impressed.

Dad had gone up the day before so the cabin was all warm and cozy by the time we walked in.  Dinner was the first thing on our minds after unpacking the car and giving Karl a tour of the log cabin built by the Schwartz family over 35 years ago.  We dove into Dad’s chili and were soon ready for dessert: marshmallows roasted on a not-so-open fire!

Karl, Rosario and Ang watched their ‘mallows intently.  Rosario got distracted because all of a sudden, she shouted “Expletive!  My marshmallows are on fire!”

Mom quickly admonished Rosario for her language, so Rosario corrected herself.  “I mean ‘Awwwww-shucks! My marshmallows are a-flamin!'”  Needless to say, that became the catch phrase of the night.

We provided our own entertainment for the evening, as is required at the primitive establishment (and by primitive I mean we have electricity and indoor plumbing but not much by way of technology).  We played a rousing game of Apples to Apples.  I held the lead for a good part of the game, along with Angie.  I could have won the whole thing but graciously suggested that we continue playing.  That didn’t work out so well for me.  Rosario, who had been tied with Mom and Karl for last place, came out of nowhere to win!  Blast it!

At the end of the game, Ang gleefully announced that all the green cards she won described her personality: Delightful, Awesome, Fantastic, Timeless, Mischievous, Refined, Normal, and Sensitive.  “Well,” she admitted, “for the most part they do.”  The first four were somewhat accurate, but the last three? Ha!  Listening to Angie say that she is refined, normal and sensitive was too much!  That woman sure knows how to make us laugh!

The rest of the evening was spent testing Karl’s violin skills, drinking hot chocolate and watching the fire.  Sigh…

We didn’t do much the next morning other than take Karl around our property after breakfast.  I love our little piece of secluded heaven and Karl enjoyed his time there as well.  It was a short trip, but well worth the uninterrupted family time.

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  1. Charles permalink
    January 10, 2012 1:10 am

    Ang…Delightful, Awesome, Fantastic, Timeless, Mischievous, Refined, Normal, and Sensitive. I completely agree!

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