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waves at the beach 2012-ish

January 12, 2012

Waves at the Beach – a Schwartz Sister Tradition!  The 2012 edition of Waves at the Beach actually took place a couple of days before the year officially began, but being that it is our special tradition we can bend the rules as we see fit.  And we saw fit to stop by Lake Michigan while I was still in town in hopes that all four sisters would be able to participate in the annual tribute for the first time in its five year history.  Alas, Rita was not able to make it.

We also bent the rules in regards to location.  Instead of going to Grand Haven Beach as we have in years past, we went to Ludington since it is close to the cabin.  The 2012-ish edition was the shortest visit to the winter beach, but we still waved Grandma-style along the shore, hoping and praying she could see our greeting in heaven.

This March will mark the ninth year without our beloved Grandma Schwartz, but her memory is never far from our hearts.

Waves at the Beach - 2012 edition

The 2012 Wavers

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Read the history behind this annual tribute here: Waves At The Beach

Read about last year’s edition here: Waves At The Beach 2011

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