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what’s my excuse?

January 31, 2012

Tina, one of my co-workers, stopped by my desk to chat during the Five O’Clock Mass Exodus.  We would pause our conversation every few moments to respond to the farewells of those leaving the office.  A newer employee walked by and wished us a good-night.  After the door closed behind him, Tina turned to me and asked me to remind her of his name.  I started to respond and then paused.

“Oh.  Wow.  I feel terrible, but I don’t remember either.”

“I have such a bad memory!” Tina exclaimed.  “I blame it on old age.”

“I don’t have the best of memories either.  So what’s my excuse?”

Tina thought for a moment.  “Good looks,” she said.  “You can blame it on your good looks!”

Now that’s a great excuse if I’ve ever heard one!!

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