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adventures of c & k: twirling for charity

February 6, 2012

I don’t need a reason to dance the night away and neither does Karl, but it was nice to have a reason to get all dolled up and twirl around a dance floor last weekend.  The event was a charity ball: the 52nd Annual Quadrille Ball, which benefits the Germanistic Society of America’s scholarship program.  It was originally Karl’s idea to attend (more about that here), and while he didn’t get all dolled up to go to the ball (that was me; Karl pretty much threw on his white tie and tails and showed up), he did spend a good part of the night twirling me around the dance floor.

Karl and I had danced together a couple of times prior to the ball, but the ball was really the first opportunity we’ve had to dance to a variety of music.  It’s always interesting dancing with a new partner, even someone you have known for a while.  There are many variables to take into account: variances in lead/follow communications, style, personal flair, sense of rhythm, knowledge of steps, etc, especially if there is a lack of any (or all) of the above.  Sounds intense, right?  Like it could make or break a relationship?  Not to worry, reader.  We didn’t over-analyze anything: we just went out there and had a blast!

Karl loves to dance.  He has a great sense of rhythm and style so even if he doesn’t know proper technique he can fake it really well, which is pretty much what I do.  He had no problem twirling me around the floor, unless he needed to catch his breath (viejo) in which case he would take a break and I would dance with whomever was nearby.

On one hand it wasn’t a big deal because we didn’t over-analyze how well we danced together and on the other hand it was a big deal finding out how well we danced together.  Thankfully, we didn’t spend the entire evening thinking about it.  A profound awareness of joy as Karl and I alternated between tearing up the floor to swing tunes and swaying gently to slower melodies, was the closest I came to on-the-spot analysis.  For the most part, we were just glad that we could dance the night away, twirling for charity.

photo by Frank Ammaccapane of Natural Expressions

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  1. Cristin permalink
    February 8, 2012 8:53 pm

    Well, Cinderella, you looked LOVELY! Hopefully you didn’t lost your shoe and Prince Charming got you home by midnight :)

    • February 8, 2012 9:03 pm

      Thanks, Cris! I didn’t lose my shoe, but I did lose my camera. But I had a wonderful evening with Prince Charming. :) Miss you, my friend.

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