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special intentions – update

February 8, 2012

Thank you to all who joined me in prayer on Friday.  Here is an update on the intentions.

1. The hearing came back with no resolution.  The defense counsel was a no-show and asked for a continuance to file something or other.  He was given a new deadline at the end of this month and a court date has been set for March 16.  If you are exhausted and annoyed by how long this thing is taking, imagine how Rosario feels!  We are confident that justice will be served eventually, but this is torture!  Continued prayers are appreciated and I will let you know what happens in March.

2. Miriam’s surgery: (my friend’s Facebook update) Miriam is such a trooper! She did amazing, and her heart, just like we already knew is one of the most beautiful hearts God ever created!!!! Her surgery went way longer than expected because it decided to get a little to excited while they were in there trying to figure things out, and then it decided to slow down way to much to which they then gave some adrenalin and started the whole thing over again. After the first hour they came out and said that things were getting complicated and they may have to open her up, but we are very thankful that they did not. They are 75% sure they got it all, the abnormal connections, therefore there is a 25% chance we may be back here trying again. We are praying for that 75% chance of “got it all” to mean they really “got it all”. She will be staying at least one night for observation, bc they went through the neck and the groin to gain access and she needs to let things clot and heal properly. Thank you all so much for praying.

3. Obviously, there isn’t much of an update regarding Lindsay, except to thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.  Grief doesn’t disappear overnight, nor should it.  Therefore neither should prayerful support disappear overnight.

Thanks again, reader!

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