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adventures of c & k: the beginning

February 16, 2012

Karl and I ran into some mutual acquaintances last month.  Interestingly enough, these people knew Karl and I separately before he and I met, but hadn’t seen either of us for years or at least since we met.  While we weren’t surprised that they had heard through the “ever-reliable” grapevine that we were together, Karl and I were amused when we heard the grapevine’s rumor that we had met online.  I suppose it was the most logical explanation for those who knew our paths never crossed during my first stint on the east coast, but that wasn’t how The Adventures of C & K got its start.  To clear up the rumors, here is the real story:

I showed up on his doorstep.  The end.

That’s the short version.  You can stop reading now unless you are interested in the long version which follows below.

When I moved east last winter, I spent a lot of time with my friends, Kateri and Mike and their daughter Maria (also known as my East Coast Family) while I was looking for employment.  I joined them for dinner several times a week, and I would watch Maria on days she wasn’t scheduled to go to her regular child care provider.  One evening, Kateri and Mike were in a bind – Mike had a last minute schedule change for the next day and they didn’t have anyone to pick up Maria from child care.  Aunt Ceci (which is how I am known around their house) saved the day by volunteering.

I arrived the following day at Theresa’s house at the appointed time.  I was slightly nervous about how I was going to manage carrying Maria and all her stuff to the car, as I knocked on the door.  Theresa opened the door and ushered me into the kitchen, where the introductions were made.

“I’m Theresa,” she said, “and you must be Aunt Ceci!  Maria talks about you all the time!”

I confirmed my identity.

“Oh and this,” she continued, “is my son, Karl.”  I don’t remember if she introduced me as Aunt Ceci or as Cecilia*, but we greeted each other with a quick hand shake.  Karl had been working from home, which is why he was there when I showed up on his doorstep.  I had heard about Karl from Kat and Mike since Karl and Mike were in a band together, but didn’t think much of the meeting at the time.

Karl, on the other hand, told me later that I made an impression on him.  This is what he told me his first reaction was: “Wow! Here is this beautiful woman in my kitchen and I look like a total bum wearing a t-shirt and cargo pants…I didn’t even shave!”

It wasn’t love at first sight (at least not for me… Sorry, Karl, but it’s the truth).  It would take a couple of run-ins at Kateri and Mike’s, a few months, and a request for assistance with business cards before either of us recognized the potential of the other… And that, my dear reader, is how it all began… Not technically on the doorstep, but something like that…

In the kitchen where it all began.

Disclaimer: We didn’t match on purpose.   I packed this dress before I left for my weekend trip to NJ, with the intention of wearing it on Sunday.  Karl randomly chose to wear that shirt before he saw what I was wearing.  But we thought it was hilarious!

*Per Karl: She introduced me as Cecilia

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