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cec in the city: episode 8

February 21, 2012

This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit The Cloisters, which is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and just so happens to be located across the street from my apartment.  It only took me seven months of living there to walk across the street, through the park, and up the stairs to wander through the enclosed walls in admiration of medieval art and architecture.

I went in stages.  Karl and I took a Saturday afternoon stroll through Fort Tryon Park, around the outside of the museum.  It was a beautiful day, and we were longing for an outdoor adventure.  So we wandered along the winding paths, enjoying the blue sky, sunshine, and fresh air.  We found an obliging bench on which we rested, but not before I attempted to climb a large rock (to no avail) and Karl examined a “strange pillar of iron with a lantern set on the top”.  The bench provided a lovely view of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge.  The sun moved lower and lower in the sky as we basked in its rays and our happiness.

The following day, I joined several friends on an exploration of the Cloisters.  One of the members of our party is a medieval history student and often gives tours at the museum, who graciously offered insight regarding the works of art that surrounded us.  It was incredible, but we quickly ran out of time.

Visiting The Cloisters was much easier than I thought and I have a feeling I will be a frequent visitor of the neighborhood treasure.

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