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adventures of c & k: familial escapades

March 14, 2012

I’m sure you know by now, Reader, that Karl and I love a good adventure.  And I’m sure it is obvious that we can turn almost any situation into a grand adventure, especially since our adventures are based on that which is dynamic, as opposed to dramatic.  Still, even the best of adventures can be even greater by adding a few vibrant components.  This has been our experience as of late when our adventures have included members of our families.

Familial Escapade #1

Adventure: Gallivanting through New York City

Vibrant Components: Mary & Kathleen (Karl’s sisters)

Karl wasn’t actually with us for the bulk of the adventure.  My office was closed for President’s Day, and Mary and Kathleen had the day off of school.  So we met up at Penn Station for a day of window shopping at two of our favorite stores.  And yes, it took as a good chunk of the day to make it through three floors of H&M and four floors of Forever 21.  We stopped for a latte, of course.  What’s a day in the city without coffee?  And we also stopped in the Disney Store (they had a public restroom!) and the Hershey’s store.

We walked up to Columbus Circle, sat in Central Park until the sun was no longer shining on us, indulged in the best sorbet the city has to offer, and then headed to my place for a relaxing afternoon.  I introduced the ladies to one of my favorite movies, It Happened One Night, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  It is a long movie, so we took a little intermission to make tostadas for dinner.  Somehow, we were able to squeeze all three of us into my tiny kitchen where we played a travel edition of Mad-Gab while we cooked, which was downright hilarious (the game, not the cooking – the cooking was delicious).  Karl arrived just as the movie was ending, and we moved to the table to finish our meal, where we spent the rest of our evening laughing away.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that much since I was last with my sisters.

Sisters are the best!  I’m glad Karl lets me borrow his.

Familial Escapade #2

Adventure: Saturday Afternoon Skype Date

Vibrant Components: Rosario, Angelica, Mom

Speaking of my sisters, Karl and I spent a good three hours video chatting with them one Saturday afternoon.  It was the best!  We talked about this and about that… We laughed about this and about that… and then we laughed some more.  We teased and chided each other in good fun, and as you can imagine, we laughed over that too.  Karl’s mom, Theresa, walked into the room at one point and asked what was so funny.  So we introduced her to my infamous sisters via video chat, since they were what was so funny.

My favorite part of the conversation was the concert.  It took a bit of coaxing, but Angelica finally relented and honored us with her first “public” banjo concert.  She just added the new instrument to her music lessons a few weeks prior and hadn’t played for anyone but her instructor.  Karl, Rosario and I were thrilled to be the first to hear her play.  I was impressed with how well she played after only three lessons!  Ang was glowing as she plucked the strings of our beloved Uncle Jeff’s banjo.  My eyes were filled with tears of joy, sadness, and nostalgia.  Not only do I love seeing Angelica discover her voice through music but the last time I heard anyone play that banjo, Uncle Jeff was the one playing it.  It was bittersweet to hear the banjo played after nearly twenty-five years, but more sweet than bitter.  I know it will get easier and more delightful with future concerts. (Hint, hint, Angelica…)

My other favorite part of our video chat was after the concert when my mom joined the conversation.  Theresa happened through the room again, and Karl and I were able to introduce our mothers.  They are both wonderful and inspirational women, and even though their conversation wasn’t long and it was over video chat, they seemed to be kindred spirits.  I am excited to introduce them in person when my mom comes for a weekend visit next month.  Until then… perhaps another video chat date, ladies (and Karl)…?

Karl wanted a photo with Angelica only, so I made myself invisible.

Familial Escapade #3

Adventure: A Brooklyn Excursion 

Vibrant Components: John, Lindsay, & Jacob (Karl’s brother, sister-in-law, & nephew)

More recently, Karl and I ventured to Brooklyn to spend some time with John, Lindsay (also known as the Young Married Mom) and their son, Jacob.  We usually only see them for small snippets at a time, so it was great to have a good chunk of an afternoon and an entire evening to relax and hang out together.

The day’s fabulous weather called for a trip to the park.  Lindsay and I spent most of the time chatting by the stroller, while Karl and John chased after Jacob who was running circles around them.  The little lad would come back to home base (a.k.a. the stroller) from time to time, just to make sure his mom was still there, and then he would run off, giggling, knowing that his dad and uncle were following close behind.

We eventually meandered back to John and Lindsay’s place, and the rest of the evening was simply wonderful as we proceeded to talk the night away while feasting on delicious salmon, delectable broccoli (special family recipe), and incredible wine.  It would take way too long to relay the topics covered during our lengthy conversations.  Some were deep and thought-provoking, while some were trivial and amusing.  Still, all of them contributed to a dynamic evening with family.

All smiles: a rare photo of the four of us (rare meaning the photo not the smiles)… from last December

Seriously, family adventures are among my favorites!  I’m looking forward to our next adventures with all of the above, as well as a few more including a Skype date with my brother Charles, which should be epic!

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  1. Charles permalink
    March 14, 2012 5:31 pm

    Hmmm…epic? That’s a tall order to live up to!

    • March 14, 2012 5:33 pm

      You can do it! I believe in you! You are the Pan! lol! I’m sure it will be amusing, to say the least…

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