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an epic penance

March 15, 2012

This morning, Charles and I exchanged a few comments on Facebook to figure out a specific time for our upcoming epic Skype date.  We worked out the details rather quickly and I expressed my excitement about “seeing” my brother.  Our conversation went as follows:

the penitential face (on left)

Me: Can’t wait to see your crazy face!

Charles: the beard is bigger than you’d want it to be!

Me: *cringing* WHY????  Is it because you ran out of razors?  I’ll buy you some.  Is it because you are too lazy to shave?  I’ll fly out there and trim it up for you.

Charles: IT’S LENT!!!!!

Me: So you decided this would be my penance??!!!!????

Charles didn’t have much of a response because he had to run.  I guess the epic conversation I predicted will turn into an epic penance on Saturday when I have to look at his over-grown face.  Ugh…  As Mrs. Gibson once said, “I do so hate that sort of affectation on a young man”, especially when it makes my brother look like a mountain man.

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