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the bragger’s corner

March 19, 2012

My mom is AHH-mazing!  And inspiring.  And overall, phenomenal!  Her marathon last year was pretty darn impressive, but that mother of mine continues to impress us all with her running feats.  Reader, you may be wondering what could possibly be as impressive as completing a marathon at 6o.  Well, my talented mom ran the Irish Jig 5k on Saturday and finished with a clock time of 30:10 and a chip time of 29:37, which was good enough for third place out of the twenty-eight other runners in the Female 60-64 age group!  THIRD PLACE!!!!  Not too shabby, wouldn’t ya say?

At the end of her second half marathon 2010

I am so very proud of my mom, and I had to brag just a little…  I mean, come on… she finished third in her age group!!!  Bragging is required for a third place finish!  Consider that requirement complete.

Our running heroine, surrounded by her fans

I wish I could have been there to cheer you on, Mom.  Keep finishing strong!!!

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