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adventures of c & k: when words go awry

March 21, 2012

“I fixed it!” I announced proudly.

“Fixed what, babe?” Karl asked.

“The internet!  Remember I said it wasn’t working?”  I had mentioned it in passing earlier in our conversation, but Karl was a bit distracted as he drove around with his friend, Lindsey, looking for an open diner.  I was along for the ride via the vehicle’s blue tooth speaker phone capabilities.  The guys had kept me rather entertained while I struggled through my troubleshooting.  It was late and I was tired, which added several layers of difficulty to the situation, but I pushed through.  I determined it wasn’t a computer issue so I used my earring to restart the modem, hoping that would solve the issue, and it did!

“It worked!  I fixed it!  ‘Cause I’m tech savvy like that.”

The guys laughed.

“But the best part is I fixed the problem before I put my glasses on!”  I had switched from contacts to glasses while I waited for the modem to restart.  My glasses make me look exceptionally smart, and I usually have ingenious ideas when I wear them.  Sleepy though I was, I fixed the internet without the extra intelligence and clarity of my glasses.

“Wow, babe!  I’m impressed!” Karl said.  “I didn’t think you could do anything without your glasses!”

That’s what he said.  But what I heard was: “I didn’t think you were capable of any sort of competence without the help of your smart glasses!”

I was about to tease Karl for implying that I was dumb when he asked, “How were you able to see anything?”  And I nearly fell over laughing.  Karl and Lindsey had no idea what was so funny, but eventually I caught my breath long enough to explain the difference between the symbolic and literal references of our statements.  It would have been so easy to take offense, but (because I was wearing my glasses) I quickly recognized that our words had gone awry, with hilarious results.

Hey, Karl… remember that time I thought you were calling me dumb but you were really saying that I am blind?!

The absolute first photo of me and Karl.

Our communication skills have come a long way since then…

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