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a forgiving lent

March 22, 2012

I saw this post over at The Crescat earlier this week and it kept kicking my conscience.  So I decided to share it in hopes that it will kick yours as well.  Then I won’t be the only one with a bruised conscience…  Besides, these last few weeks of Lent are as good a time as any to work toward forgiveness.

What to do with difficult people…

…So what changed? How did 30 years of dysfunction finally end?

I forgave.

When she didn’t want it, I forgave. When she wouldn’t accept, I forgave. When she denied any wrong doing, I forgave. Even when she refused to apologize, I forgave. I couldn’t change her so my only recourse was to forgive her. The only thing about the whole messed up situation I actually had any control over was how I reacted to her. The only thing I could change was myself and my attitude. Oh, and I grew up a little bit.

Growing up helps. It is easy to be bitter and nurse anger or turn on backs on situations too difficult to bear. It shows a level of maturity to face these challenges. Children place blame, “He did it”! Grown ups acknowledge their hand in the ordeal and work to set it right.

Continue reading…

Go over to The Crescat to read what else she has to say about forgiveness, healing and Lent.  Go on… the conscience kicking doesn’t hurt too bad…

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