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reconciled to what matters

April 2, 2012

From the Palm Sunday Homily:

It doesn’t really matter what you think of God, whether you think of him as a judge who is going to condemn you or whatever.  What you think of God isn’t important.  What matters is what God thinks of you.  And no matter what you think of him, he loves you.  He loves you even in the midst of your sin.  Serious sin or not-so serious sin, God loves you as you are.  He doesn’t take to mind what you think of him; that doesn’t matter.  He still loves you.

The priest directed these words to those who don’t normally fill the pews during ordinary time, but came to get their traditional palms.  Still, these words spoke to the recesses of my heart.  We are all in the midst of sin, whether we attend mass daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  But God sees all of that – he sees who we truly are – and he loves us.  Of course, this doesn’t give us liberty to become complacent about remaining in sin.  Instead, it should drive us to pursue holiness and to make amends for the ways in which we have offended the One who loves us.

Time to make an examination of conscience and take advantage of Reconciliation Monday.

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