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autism awareness 2012

April 5, 2012

Some of you are well aware that I have an autistic sister.  Some of you were not aware of that fact until this very moment.  Being that April is Autism Awareness Month, I just thought I’d pass along that little tid-bit of info.  During this month, I will be posting my favorite photos of my sister, Angelica.  Accompanying the photos will be hilarious Ang-isms.  I hope she brings as much laughter to your lives as she does to mine.

Here’s a preview:

Rosario / Angelica / Cecilia

Staten Island Ferry, July 2011

 Ang-ism:  Last year, Angelica and Rosario visited me for an entire month!  On their first night in town, we were all getting ready for bed.  I took my contacts out and said something about how I prefer wearing contacts and that I don’t wear my glasses very often.

Angie interjected, “Well ya look like a four-eyed freak in ’em!  I’M KIDDING!”  She barely finished her first sentence  before the second part burst out.  Her filter works once in a while… but there’s still a delay!

The three of us about died laughing!  And that became our catch phrase for the rest of their visit.

Recommended Reading: Autism Awareness Month (2011), Angelica the Beautiful

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