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adventures of c&k: this is not the post you are looking for

April 5, 2012

Karl and I went out to a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant the other night, which is something we rarely do (rarely references eating out; eating dinner is a common occurrence).  Karl poured the tea and started looking around the table.

“Karl!?  Seriously!?” I said in amazement.

He looked up from his frantic search.  “What?”

“Are you seriously looking for sugar?  The tea cup isn’t that big!”

“But I like sugar in my tea,” Karl said.  There were no sugar packets on our table and Karl was nearing a state of panic.  He started looking around for our waiter.

“Karl, you don’t need any sugar for your tea,” I said, raising my hand slightly and moving it in one motion from left to right.

“Babe, did you just try to use a Jedi mind trick on me?” Karl asked incredulously.

“Did it work???!!!”

Karl just smiled.  “I don’t need any sugar for my tea.”

He made it through dinner without any sugar in his tea and didn’t even realize it!  I guess the Force IS strong with me!!!!

I used the Force on Karl last night too, when we were on the phone.  I thought he had said something about stopping at Dunkin Donuts.  I held the phone away from me and said “Karl, you don’t need any donuts” while moving my hand in front of the phone.

“Do you really think Jedi mind tricks are going to work over the phone?” Karl asked.

“It was worth a try!”

“Don’t worry, Cecilia.  I wasn’t going to stop for donuts.”  He paused for a moment.  “So did you move your hand in front of the phone?”

“Yes,” I sheepishly admitted.

Karl laughed.  “You are the best!!!  I love that you try to use Jedi mind tricks on me!”

“Try!?” I exclaimed indignantly.  “I do use them on you!  But you don’t always realize it… I don’t normally use my hand.  Most of the time I just bat my eyes…”

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  1. Rosario Rodriguez permalink
    April 5, 2012 1:29 pm

    LOL, hilarious!!! Ah, yes. The force is strong with us. I looove that we use Jedi mind tricks on a regular basis.


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