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angelica unfiltered – episode 5

April 17, 2012


Waves at the Beach – 2008

Ang-ism: Last week I posted about using Jedi mind tricks on Karl.  Anyone who read the story would naturally think I took that from Star Wars, but I didn’t.  I stole it from Angelica, who took it from the movie.  She was the first one in our family to use Jedi mind tricks in every day life.  Take for example, at the dinner table.  Someone would ask Angelica to pass a dish, like salad.  She would sigh loudly, roll her eyes, and then say “There is no salad” as she passed her hand in front of her from left to right.

The table nearly collapsed from the eruption of laughter the first time she tried to use Jedi mind tricks at Family Dinner.  It got old after awhile because she tried to get out of everything by way of Jedi mind tricks, but I still laughed every single time!  These days, Angelica only uses the Force when absolutely necessary.

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