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the amusing rational of a lions fan

April 19, 2012

I stopped at the NFL Draft Store last night since I had some extra time before rehearsal.  I didn’t have any errands to run and I didn’t want to stay outside in the light rain and wind.  Besides, I had seen their window displays and wanted to check out the temporary store before it closes.

I was on the phone with Rosario and gave her the play-by-play as I searched the store for Lions merchandise.  “There’s obviously a ton of Giants and Jets paraphernalia.”  I flipped through the various clothing racks.  “Still not seeing any Lions stuff yet… Let’s see… Packers… Steelers… Eagles… Where’s the Lions?  Here’s the Ravens… Oh gross!  The Bears!  I can’t believe I just touched that shirt!  Now I need to wash my hands!”  I was a mite exasperated.  “Come on, people!  Really?  No Lions?”

I walked all over that store, stopping at every display.  “I’m kind of insulted that they don’t have any Lions gear!” I told Rosario.  I worked my way through another rack of t-shirts.  “Giants… Giants… Jets… Giants… Jets… Jets… More Steelers… Colts… Patriots! Ew!  Gotta wash my hands again!”

I made another lap of the store.  “Maybe they sold out of all their Lions stuff!” I rationalized.

“Right… that’s a reasonable explanation,” Rosario said laughingly.

“That must be it!” I insisted.  “Lions paraphernalia must be in such high demand that they sold out.  After all, we did have a killer season, by Lions standards!  And this year will be even better!”

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