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angelica unfiltered – episode 7

April 23, 2012


(She was fasinated by the plant’s texture and just had to touch it.)

Los Angeles, CA – 2010

Ang-ism: About two and a half years ago, Angelica started responding to us in a rather unique way.  Here’s an example:

Me: Hey, Ang!  Do you want a piece of chocolate?

Ang: Yer mama’s a piece of chocolate!

We have no idea where this started but it hasn’t stopped.  No matter what we ask, no matter what the context, Angelica answers with ‘Yer mama-‘.  Her responses are for the most part hilarious and harmless, though once in a while they sound rather scandalous and disrespectful.

Rosario: Ang, could you turn on that lamp?

Ang: Yer mama’s a lamp!

And while this is not necessarily behavior we want to encourage, there are other behaviors we feel are more important to focus on.  Besides, we recognize how blessed we are that Angelica has speech.  There are many others with autism who are non-verbal.  Angelica’s vibrant personality and sense of humor are evident in every aspect of her life, even in her autistic tendencies.  So we live with the  ‘Yer mama-‘ responses and have completely given up stifling our laughter.

Me: What do you think of the blog post, Ang?

Ang: Yer mama’s a blog post!

UPDATE:  I had asked Rosario if she had any other ‘Yer mama-‘ examples, but she couldn’t think of anything specific so she asked Angelica, who claimed she couldn’t come up with anything on the spot.

“And yet you do all the time!!!” Rosario pointed out, laughing.

Later, Angelica sat on the couch with a sandwich in hand.  “Whatdya make me?” Rosario asked.

“Yer mama!” Ang responded.

“Oh, NOW you come up with something!”

“I can’t work under pressure, Roooose!”

She is too funny!!!!

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