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angelica unfiltered – episode 10.b

May 1, 2012

Autism Awareness Month ended yesterday and along with it the Angelica Unfiltered series.  It has been an absolute joy for me and Rosario to share our sister with our readership and the blogosphere.  Dealing with autism is a daily challenge for Angelica as well as for us, but she is a tremendous source of love, inspiration and hilarity for our family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are many more stories and Ang-isms that we could write about, but I will leave you with one final Ang-ism.  There is also a bonus photo slideshow!  Enjoy!

Drummer Girl

Grand Rapids, MI  – 2010

Ang-ism: I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact that Angelica is melodramatic and feisty.  So our efforts to push her ever-so slightly beyond her comfort zone are often met with various levels of resistance, all of which according to Ang will have the same results – her death.

Me: Ang, I think this shirt is a little more appropriate for today.  How about changing?

Ang: Yer killin’ me, Cil-ya!


Rosario: Angelica, you really need to have a more balanced meal.  You need to have a little bit of salad.

Ang: I can’t!  If I do, I’ll die!  I will.  I’ll die!

We always assure Angelica that we have her best interest in mind and she will not perish, but I still promise her that if in fact she does die, I will give her the lovelies of eulogies.  Whether or not Angelica complies is a crap shoot, but whenever she does, Angelica lets us know how agonizing it is by continually announcing as she changes her shirt or picks at a salad or whatever it was, “I’m dying here”.  Sometimes, she even throws herself on her bed to demonstrate!  Those moments are filled with plenty of laughter and even more eye-rolling.  Typical Ang!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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And so ends the series.


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