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adventures of c&k: family, meet family

May 9, 2012

Karl and I were both excited for my mom’s visit to the east coast.  We were especially looking forward to the opportunity to introduce our families to each other.  The only disappointment was that my dad wasn’t able to come this time around, but we made the most of having Mom around.

Thankfully, Mom and I had fully recovered from our Penn Station sprint by the time the train pulled into the Stirling Station.  Theresa greeted us at the house with open arms and Chinese pork and curry pies.  She ushered us into the other room where Karl’s father was awaiting our arrival, and the five of us settled into to an afternoon of swapping stories and devouring pork pies and curry pies.  At one point, I got up to use the bathroom and returned to find my seat on the couch next to Mom occupied by Theresa.  The two of them chatted away, discussing everything from nutrition to parenting to grandchildren (or the possibility of grandchildren).

Soon afternoon turned to evening, and Theresa began transitioning into dinner mode.  Instinctively, Mom got up too, added my plate to hers before I could stop her and headed to the kitchen.  Karl was about to offer to take the items for her, but I quickly gave him a look that silenced him.  “Let her,” I whispered.  “She wants to help your mom.”  Off they went to prepare dinner.  I was determined not to hover, and every time I had to go through the kitchen proved it was not necessary.

Karl and I didn’t stop smiling Saturday evening and into Sunday as my mom and his parents comfortably engaged in conversation and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.  Some couples might experience nervousness when it comes to introducing their parents, but not us.   Karl and I knew our mothers would get along splendidly.  Still it was nice to have our confidence confirmed.  When it came time for the mothers to say goodbye, instead of sadness, there was joy and appreciation: our mothers each found in each other a new friend.  We are just as confident that our fathers will have a lot in common too, and we are looking forward to that introduction.

Kindred Spirits

With our beautiful mothers

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    May 9, 2012 6:11 pm

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