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adventures of c&k: copy that, red leader!

May 21, 2012

Last weekend’s move from Washington Heights to Weehawken was a carefully orchestrated ordeal.  Well, some of it was.  There was plenty of finagling and creativity that went into packing all of my stuff into the vehicles available.  It was a pretty standard moving day: long, stressful, overwhelming (Do I really need all this stuff?!), and exhausting, but for the most part, it went well thanks to the efforts of Karl and his brother, Joseph.

My favorite part of the day – the carefully orchestrated part – was driving from my old home to my new home.  Karl led the way in his parent’s SUV, which was stuffed top-to-bottom.  Joseph and I followed in the little Elantra, which surprisingly was able to hold a lot of my belongings.  Karl had a slightly obstructed view in the back, so Joseph and I stayed close behind.  Joseph hooked up his phone to the Elantra’s bluetooth, and Karl had his headset on, so we were in constant communication as we headed down the turnpike.

Karl: We need to make a lane change.  Cut right.

Cecilia: Copy that, Red Leader.  Cutting right… now.  You are clear to move, Red Leader.

Karl: Copy that, Red Two.  Cutting right.

Karl: The highway splits up here.  Move to the left.

Cecilia: Copy that, Red Leader.  Hold position – waiting for a car to pass.

Karl: Copy that, Red Two.  Holding position.

Cecilia: I’m in the clear.  Moving left… now.  You’re clear to move, Red Leader.

Karl: Copy that, Red Two.  Moving left.

And so went the conversation all the way to Weehawken.  It. Was. The. Best!!!!!!  Seriously.  Karl and I had way too much fun pretending to be Star Wars pilots, and that’s why we are so perfect for each other!  And thankfully, Joseph seemed more amused than anything.

I am mostly moved in (again – Thank you, Karl & Joseph!!!)… there are one or two items that we have to go back for, but I’m relieved that the worst is over… and it really wasn’t that bad.  Copy that, Red Leader!

Co-Pilots ~ at my performance this weekend

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  1. Cristin permalink
    May 21, 2012 4:34 pm

    I love it :)


  1. i will start cello lessons now… « she laughs at the days to come

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