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adventures of c&k: life backstage

May 24, 2012

Karl accompanied me to Saturday’s performance and for the first time experienced the backstage aspect of my life as a dancer.  Of course, being a musician Karl has had his own experiences backstage before a performance, and even though he’s seen me on stage before, he had no idea the amount of work it takes to get me stage-ready.  I thoroughly enjoy the primping process, and Karl seemed rather amused by it.  He stood in front of me blocking the sun, holding my little mirror, and watching intently while I created a masterpiece with eye shadow, fake eye lashes, and eye liner.  He was very impressed with my artistic skills and that I didn’t poke my eye when applying eye liner.

As with dancing, life also has its front-and-center moments, which usually involves unseen backstage efforts without which the front-and-center moments would not exist.  While Karl’s and my relationship has been very grounded from the beginning, the past few weeks have been dominated by gritty details behind the scenes rather than front-and-center fun.  Karl and I admitted to each other that the honeymoon stage seems to be over, but neither of us are concerned because the practical aspects of life have only deepened our love and appreciation for each other.  And so it seemed quite fitting that Karl was able to see me in my element this weekend, taking part in the detailed efforts required backstage, similar to the enjoyable efforts that make “us” work so well together both behind the scenes and on stage.

Karl hung out with me and the other dancers backstage until it was time for the run-through.  Then he left to find a seat in the audience and waited patiently to see the hard work to pay off on stage.  (A review of the performance can be read here at Dance Immaculata.)

Here’s Karl with the Stage-Ready Me*:

*The photo was actually taken at the end of the performance.  One of the dancers graciously agreed to take our photo, but told Karl he had to wear the hat.

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  1. Sherry Miedema permalink
    May 30, 2012 7:18 am

    C – you look great! So glad you are enjoying living out east and I hope your new place fits you perfectly. I’m sure you’re probably all settled in already!

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