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from little brother to deacon little brother

June 5, 2012

I had been to many ordination masses, both priestly and diaconate ordinations, in the past.  I even scheduled last summer’s visit home around Ordination Weekend in order to attend.  So it was not unusual to find myself preparing to attend yet another ordination on Saturday morning.  But this one was different from those I had witnessed in the past.  This time I was attending my brother’s ordination.  My brother.  That punk of a little brother who I both love and loathe at the same time.  That twerp who can be so eloquent and insightful one moment and then proceed to hassle me the next minute as only a brother can.

I was surprised that the day didn’t seem as surreal as I thought it would.  It seemed very natural to see Charles present himself to the Church for the order of deacon, to hear him be declared worthy by the Church, and then hear him make his promises to the Bishop.  I did giggle quietly when he promised to respect and obey the Bishop and his successors (After all, this is my little brother we’re talking about!), but I spent most of the Mass grinning through the tears (Like I said, this is my little brother!).

At the end of mass, the Bishop thanked the families of the newly ordained deacons for their gift to the Church.  “Not only do these men give their lives to the Church, their families give them as well,” he said.  Rosario whispered what the rest of us were thinking, “The Church can have him!”  But for all his brotherly impertinence and our excitement to get rid of him, Charles really is a good man.  He will be a wonderful deacon and, next year, an amazing priest.


Congratulating the newly ordained Deacon Charles


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See link for Official Photos from the Diocese


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