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June 6, 2012

There was yet another hearing last Friday in the case against Rosario’s shooter.  The trial ended October 3, 2010, and sentencing was supposed to follow that December, but there has only been delay after delay after delay.  The defense filed a motion for a new trial and that only added to the delays.  Arguments for the new trial were heard earlier this year, and on Friday, the prosecution was finally able to argue the claims raise by the defense.  The judge denied the motion and sentenced the defendant to Life + 30 years in state prison!

It’s over!!!!  Rosario was honestly expecting another delay, but instead, she received closure, relief, and justice!  Two years and eleven months after she was shot, she has justice!

Read Rosario’s post about the hearing here: Celebrating Justice


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For more on what happened June 29, 2009, see the category Miracle of 2009.

Also, here are a few posts from the first days following the shooting:

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