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adventures of c&k: enjoying the whirlwind

June 8, 2012

Karl and I just didn’t have time to do a lot on our recent trip to Michigan.  We were only in town for a few short days – a whirlwind weekend – and rather than wear ourselves out with a non-stop schedule, we chose to keep a low profile.  Besides, we figured we’d see plenty of friends at Charles’ ordination.

Most of our time was spent with the family and my godchildren.  We managed a quick walk around the annual Festival of the Arts in downtown on Saturday night, stopping only to buy an elephant ear (Karl had never had one before!) and to chat with family friends.  Other than that, we enjoyed some much needed relaxation time with the fam!

My favorite moment, which we don’t have photos of, was sitting around the living room after the ordination and recapping the Mass with Deacon Charles, and then, after Grandpa headed home, moving to the dining room table for snacks and wine.  We ended up toasting the afternoon away with my favorite brand of Moscato!


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