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angelica unfiltered – episode 11

June 11, 2012

The series continues!!!!  We had such a great response to our Angelica Unfiltered series that Ang told us we could keep the series going if we wanted to… which really meant she enjoyed the attention and was missing it.    Since we were sad to see the series end too, we brought it back by popular demand.  New episodes will be posted monthly (or bi-monthly, depending on how funny Ang is that particular month).  

Here’s the latest:

Angelica and her beloved big brother, Deacon Charles

Grand Rapids, Michigan – June 2, 2012


Ang-ism: I shared a room with Rosario and Ang when I was home for Charles’ ordination last weekend.  Rosario and I tried not to disturb Angelica as we whispered to each other early Friday morning.  We heard some waking up noises coming from Ang’s direction, but weren’t sure if she was fully awake or not so we kept our voices low.

Me (ever-so-quietly): Hey!  Did you know that today is National Donut Day?!

Rosario (just as quietly): I saw that on Facebook.  Apparently there are a few places giving away donuts for free!

Me (still whispereing): We should totally get some donuts today!

Ang (mumbling from across the room): Did somebody say something about donuts?

Me and Rosario (in regular voices): Seriously, Ang?!  How on earth did you hear that?!

We climbed into bed with Angelica on either side of her.  She pretended to be asleep (typical), but we knew better!  The donuts had given her away!  We lay in bed for a while, enjoying some quality sister time, until Ang kicked us out so we could work on getting some donuts!

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