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same tree, different branches

June 19, 2012

Cousin Adventure Week culminated when Lindze and I were joined by our ten-year-old cousin, Kylie, on Friday.  I could see the train conductor glancing at us every time he passed our seat as we headed back to my place.  He was clearly trying to figure out how we were connected to each other.  We did make an interesting (but good-) looking trio.  I mentioned something to the girls.  We thought it was hilarious that he wasn’t able to guess that we are blood relatives, and we  laughed about our little “secret”.  Sure we don’t look related, but we come from the same tree, different branches.


Three Different Branches


Grandpa was thrilled when I told him that Lindze was visiting and we were able to see Kylie.  He often worries about the branches falling off the tree, so you can imagine how excited the old man gets when he hears that relationships between those branches are being cultivated and strengthened.  Lucky for us the main tree is solid, which allows the branches to have crazy-fun Cousin Adventures, like the ones we’ve had all week!

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